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Eva Amsler

After 20 years of orchestra playing in Switzerland and serving on the faculty of the Vorarlberg State Conservatory of Music in Feldkirch, Austria, Eva Amsler retired in May 2021 as Professor of Flute at Florida State University. In this position she also taught Flute Pedagogy, Baroque Flute, Dynamic Integration and directed the Graduate Flute Ensemble.

As a pioneer on authentic interpretation of Baroque music on modern flute and advocate of new music (including piccolo, alto, and bass flutes), she enjoys a worldwide career as a performer and teacher, Eva tours and performs with The Dorian Consort and harpsichordist Shalev Ad-El. She loves all sorts of chamber settings, enjoys being a soloist, and was Principal Flutist in the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra (2001-2021). She has appeared at concert venues nationally and internationally, including Carnegie Hall, the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., the Belk Theatre in Charlotte during the National Flute Association Convention (2011), and European flute festivals such as the German Flute Fest, Spanish Convention, Flautando (Switzerland), and in South America, the Bolivian Flute Convention La Paz and the Peruvian Flute Festival in Lima.
She also regularly holds master classes in Europe (Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien in Vienna, etc.), the United States (Juilliard, etc.), South America, and Asia. Amsler’s summer classes in Arosa, Switzerland and Tuscany, Italy are well known and liked as a special time


for deep and holistic learning as a human being, musician, and flutist. Her CD recordings have been released on the ‘ambitus’ and Cavalli labels.

As founder and past president of the European flute association “syrinx” (Society for Sponsorship and Continuing Education of Flutists), she was responsible for programming the yearly Flötenfest for 15 years. With Traverso Colore she is, together with FSU Alumni, enjoying Baroque flute performances and educational events. She also regularly performs on Baroque flute with Shalev Ad-El, harpsichord, and Tallahassee Bach Parley and Ensemble Corund, Switzerland.

She served on the board of the National Flute Association and is a member of the NFA International Committee. She has hosted Flute Days and Flute Festivals at Florida State University, including “Different Generations,” “Flute: Health and Healing from the Americas,” “Baroque Day,” “Woodwind Days,” “Flute Summit: The 21st Century musician,” and more.

Amsler’s teachers include Günter Rumpel, Aurèle Nicolet and André Jaunet on modern flute and Chris Krueger, Na’ama Lion, and Liane Ehlich on Baroque flute. She loves Miksang photography and walks on the beach, hiking in the mountains, and spending time with family, friends, and colleagues.

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