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Vivianne Asturizaga, a versatile soloist, chamber, and orchestral musician, has performed with The National Symphony Orchestra of Bolivia, the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra, El Alto Orchestra, Philharmonic of Bolivia, the Orchestra of the Andean Countries under Gustavo Dudamel, and the BePhil under Simon Rattle. She has also performed with the Raines Ensemble, Traverso Colore, Omnimusica, Saudade, Ecosound, and has premiered new flute works as a performing member of the Flute New Music Consortium. She is a founding member of several chamber groups, including Silver Lining Flutes, the Auster Quintet, LAtrio, and Osaky-Asturizaga. Ms. Asturizaga graduated from the National Conservatory of Music of Bolivia. She earned masters in Flute Performance, Ethnomusicology, Arts Administration, and Spanish Linguistics, as well as a Ph.D. in musicology at Florida Stare University. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Musicology at California State University Fullerton.

As a teacher, she has served on the faculty of the National Conservatory of Music of Bolivia and has held several teaching assistantships at FSU, directing the Andean Ensemble.She has also taught at Youngstown State University, Hiram and College, and Ciaputra University of Indonesia. As an arts administrator, she has worked with Tallahassee’s Council on Culture and Arts, the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra, Music Lessons Express, the Dorian Consort, and the National Symphony Orchestra of Bolivia. She is a founding member and first president of both the Tallahassee Flute Club and the National Bolivian Flute Association. Her dedication to student organizations at FSU led to leadership roles with the flute association, Huesoloco, and as president of the Hispanic Graduate Association and Speaker of the Congress of Graduate Students. She has also represented graduate students in the provost search and international students in the International Advisory Board. She obtained the Moellership Award, Seminole Torchbearer, Who's Who, Student Seminole Award, Graduate Student Leadership Award, Rosalina Gonzales Award, and was a part of the 2019 Global Leaders Program, a cohort of 40 rising change-makers in music selected from across the world.

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