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Individual Masterclasses

The members of E126 offer individual masterclass instruction catered to help identify strengths and weaknesses, interpretation of style, stage presence, and professionalism.

Chamber Music Coaching

As actively performing musicians, E126 members coach chamber music ensembles, offering instruction on diagnosis of technical and musical difficulties, proactive communication across the ensemble, creating a unified sound, and effectively managing time.


  • Baroque Flute & Style

    • Baroque Dance Forms in the Telemann Fantasies​

    • Ornamentation

    • Research & Performance Practice

  • Breathing

    • Breathing Anatomy

    • Breathing Exercises​

  • Dynamic Integration

  • Embouchure Flexibility and Headjoint Placement

  • Entrepreneurship in Classical Music Careers

  • Extended Techniques/Beatboxing

    • Extended Techniques for Improvisation​

    • Extended Techniques for Tone Quality

  • Eurhythmics, Movement, and Body Awareness

  • Flute for Woodwind Doublers

  • Forging a Music Career

  • How to Write Cadenzas

  • Language & Articulation: Demystifying Phonology for Flutists

  • Low Flutes (alto, bass, contrabass)

  • Piccolo

  • Rhythm in Group Performance

  • Singing & Playing Warm-ups and Exercises

  • Stage Presence and Professionalism

  • Understanding Your Artistic Voice

  • Warmups for the Body and the Flute

  • World Flutes Intro


  • Amateur vs. Professional: A Musician's Dilemma

  • Applying & Auditioning for College

  • Applying Teaching Methods in Practice

  • Creating Lesson Plans

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Effective Steps to Learning Electronic Music

  • Effective Practice Scheduling

  • Forging a Music Career

  • From Kindergarten to Grad School: Strategies to Make Music for All

  • Marketing Yourself: Tools for Success

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Phrasing with Subdivision

  • Programming for Our Times: The 21st Century Flute Ensemble

  • Studying Abroad: Cultural Considerations

  • Transitions: Educator to Performer

  • Useful Apps for Musicians

  • Why Music History Matters

Other Services prices upon request

  • Concerts (private, institutional, etc.)

  • Festivals

  • Birthdays

  • Holidays

  • Serenades

  • Weddings

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