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Members of Ensemble 126 lead workshops suited to the interests and needs of the audience, drawing on the variety of backgrounds from each member. See below for more information.

  • Warmups for the Body & the Flute: Extended Techniques & Improvisation

    • Level: All levels​

    • Description: Learn new approaches to your warm up that engage the body and your flute playing be using extended techniques for improved tone and resonance. 

    • Duration: 45 mins

    • Materials: flute.

  • Baroque Flute & Style

    • Level: Advanced high school, College, and Adult Amateur

    • Description: Take the questions out of Baroque performance​ by understanding the larger context topics. E126 members have ​years of practical experience playing on historic replica instrument
      and bring their knowledge of performance practice and ornamentation in this interactive workshop. Audience members will learn basics dance steps of the minuet and bourrée, and learn the historic and cultural practices that influenced musicians of the Baroque Era. Topics covered:

      • Baroque Dance Forms​

      • Ornamentation

      • Research & Performance Practice

    • Duration: 40 mins.​

    • Materials: Bring your silver flute, (encouraged not required)

  • Breathing & Body Awareness

    • Level: All

    • Description: Engage in an interactive session where students will come to understand more about the anatomy of breathing and how to efficiently improve mood and breath capacity.

    • Duration: 30 or 60 mins

    • Materials: none. 

  • Stage Presence & Professionalism

    • Level: All, pre-professional​

    • Description: Members of the ensemble lead audience through 3 exercises that are focused on improving your confidence and professionalism when networking and interviewing. Workshop ideas to discover your artistic voice in both presentation and performance.

    • Duration: 40 mins

    • Materials: none.

Other workshops are available upon request.

Contact us for more information. 


  • Amateur vs. Professional: A Musician's Dilemma

  • Applying & Auditioning for College

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Effective Steps to Learning Electronic Music

  • Effective Practice Scheduling

  • Forging a Music Career

  • From Kindergarten to Grad School: Strategies to Make Music for All

  • Marketing Yourself: Tools for Success

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Phrasing with Subdivision

  • Programming for Our Times: The 21st Century Flute Ensemble

  • Studying Abroad: Cultural Considerations

  • Useful Apps for Musicians

  • Why Music History Matters

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