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In 2021, Ensemble 126 called for submissions (written or proposed works) for our inaugural composition competition for seven flutes for a $2,500 USD prize. This competition aims to expand the repertoire for flute ensemble that highlights the abilities of our group and can connect musical communities through a new music premiere. Artists that identify as part of ALAANA (African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, Native American) communities or umbrella of LGBTQIA+ communities are encouraged to apply.

The winning prize includes:

  • $2,500 award

  • Professional audio recording and live performance of work

  • Professional video of work in performance


APRIL 15, 2022

We are pleased to announce Sami Seif as the winner of our inaugural Composition Competition! The world premiere will take place on Thursday, August 11 at the NFA Convention in Chicago.

APRIL 4, 2022

We were overjoyed to receive 96 high-quality entries to our first composition competition. Commissioning a work for our ensemble is part of our core mission to expand flute ensemble repertoire in a socially informed way. See below for our external panel of judges choosing the winner from our pool of finalists!

AUGUST 12, 2021

Ensemble 126 is the winner of the 2021 National Flute Association's C.R.E.A.T.E. Competition! The project comes with a $2,000 grant to support our composition competition.

Meet Competition Winner Sami Seif


Meet Our Judges


Rules & Requirements

Submission deadline has passed (March 31, 2022 11:59pm EST)

Entrance Fee: None


  • All submissions must be original works by the composer. Arrangements or transcriptions will not be accepted.

  • A submitted work aside from example scores included in a proposal must be between 3 to 4 minutes in duration.

  • For submissions of works, all must be submitted as both a score and individual parts.

  • Finished submissions must have never been published or performed prior to their entrance in the competition.

  • Artists that identify as part of ALAANA (African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, Native American) communities or the umbrella of the LGBTQIA2S+ communities are encouraged to apply.

  • There is no age requirement for the competition.


  • Submit a fully filled application form (deadline has passed).

  • All finished works and proposals must be scored for either the ensemble primary instruments or other flutes. Doubling/auxiliary instruments are acceptable, as long as they are within the full possible instrumentation. The list below defines acceptable options for seven flutists:

    • Piccolos (up to 2)

    • C Flutes (up to 7)

    • Low Flutes: alto (up to 3), bass (up to 3)

    • Traverso (Baroque Flute tuned at A=415, up to 3)

    • Recorders (soprano or alto, up to 2)

    • World Flutes (one from this list): Ocarina (C5-F6 or F4-A5), Pennywhistle, Quena in G (G3-A6 chromatic), Sikus (Andean Pipes, D4-G5) in G, Native American flute in F# (F#4-F#5)

  • All submissions are encouraged to either include: (a) historical flute(s) (traverso recorder) OR (b) one world flute as listed above.​

  • ​All submissions must include alternate parts for any historical or world flutes to be possible as concert flute parts.

  • All submissions are highly encouraged to write non-traditional and/or non-Western extended techniques.

  • Audio tracks as part of the work are acceptable for any submission.

If submitting a proposal:

  • Submit 3-4 example scores (two sets, one must be anonymous with no personally identifying marks of your name) as representative of your overall work. At least two of the scores must be for chamber ensembles. There is no length requirement for these example scores.

  • Submit a one-page description of the proposed 3-4 minute work in detail. Include logistics of instrumentation, any extended techniques, subject matter/influences, and any other pertinent information to the proposed composition.

  • If a proposal is chosen as the winner, the final work must be completed by July 1, 2022 in time for August 2022 premiere. Should the work not be finished by July 1, 2022, the prize will be reduced by 50% and the remaining funds will be reallocated to the next Ensemble 126 competition.

For more information and questions:

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